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Rethinking the Senses Spring School 2017

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 2 November 2016

Rethinking the Senses Spring School 2017

3rd – 8th April 2017, IUC, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We invite applications from PhD students, post-doc and early career researchers to attend the ‘Rethinking the Senses’ Interdisciplinary Spring School. The spring school will take place at the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 3rd-8th April 2017, and is supported by the AHRC Science in Culture ‘Rethinking the Senses’ project.

Our everyday understanding of perception is that we see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. Until recently, philosophers and scientists alike have accepted this framework and studied each of the senses in isolation. Psychology and cognitive neuroscience challenge this understanding of sensory perception by indicating that multisensory interactions are the rule rather than the exception.

The Spring School will review the latest research on multisensory perception carried out in philosophy, psychology and neuroscience, focusing on the following central themes:

  • Modes and mechanisms of multi sensory interaction
  • Object perception in & across the senses
  • Attention, consciousness and top-down processes in multisensory perception
  • Development of multisensory capabilities
  • The hidden senses

Confirmed speakers include: Alain Berthoz; Colin Blakemore; Andy Bremner; Ophelia Deroy; Matthew Longo; Fiona Macpherson; Matthew Nudds; Brigitte Röder; Salvador Soto-Faraco; Charles Spence; Hong Yu Wong; Sharon Zmigrod.

Further details about the spring school and information about how to apply can be found here:

EXTENDED DEADLINE for applications: Wednesday 2 November 2016, 5pm (GMT).

Organizers: Matthew Nudds (Warwick); Hong Yu Wong (Tübingen); Alisa Mandrigin (Warwick)

Dates for the upcoming RTS Autumn seminars for 2016/2017



Censes Seminars to be held in London 5-7pm             Additional details to follow….


29/09/2016 Speaker: Nathan Faivre. Seminar Title: Is metacognition supramodal?

Affiliation: Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Switzerland


13/10/2016 Speaker: Kia Nobre. Seminar Title: ‘Preperception’ in the human brain. Affiliation: Oxford University

27/10/2016 Speakers: Natalie Sebanz & Gunther Klaus Knoblich. Seminar Title: Planning and Perception in Joint Action.  Affiliation: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary


10/11/2016 CANCELLED – APOLOGIES: This seminar has been cancelled

24/11/2016 Speaker: Stephan de la Rosa. Seminar Title: TBC Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany


08/12/2016 Speaker: David Burr. Seminar Title: Mind and Brain: The numbersense. Affiliation: Florence University



26/01/2017 Speaker: Tamar Makin. Seminar Title: The neural fingerprints of a missing hand – brain plasticity in amputees. Affiliation: Oxford University


09/02/2017 Speaker:  Sarah Jessen. Seminar Title: TBC. Affiliation: University of Lübeck









‘Rethinking the Senses: Uniting the Philosophy and Neuroscience of Perception’ ( is a three-year project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the Science in Culture theme.


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