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Consciousness Workshop

Dates: 14-17 September 2016

Venue: Centre l’Oubradou, 83120 Plan de la Tour, France

Tel: +33 4 94  43 71 77


This is a closed workshop for the Investigators and post-docs of the AHRC RTS grant, with invited external participants. It is co-sponsored by the Centre l’Oubradou.


The subjective nature of our perceptual experiences seems to us to be central to our understanding of the world around us and of our own bodies. What it feels like to have a sensory experience seems to matter just as much as (or more than) the consequences of the experience, such as acting on the basis of the sensory information. But what does being aware add to what the brain does with information?  Given the evidence that actions, memories and emotional reactions to sensory inputs can occur without conscious awareness of the information on which they are based, what role does awareness play?  In this workshop we shall consider efforts by neuroscientists to identify the neural correlates of awareness, by cognitive and computational neuroscientists to assign a functional role for subjective states, and by philosophers to define the nature and significance of consciousness.


Workshop programme


Wednesday 14 September

Chair: Colin Blakemore

  • 00-18.30


  • 18:30 Opening reception and dinner


Thursday 15 September

  Friday 16 September

Saturday 17 September


RTS participants

Colin Blakemore

Yi-Chuan Chen

Ophelia Deroy

Merle Fairhurst

Alisa Mandrigin

Fiona Macpherson

Matt Nudds

Barry Smith

Keith Wilson


Invited speakers and participants

Chris Frith

Stanislas Dehaene

Ian Phillips


Other participants

Uta Frith

Ghislaine Dehaene