Food, Drink, and Perfume

Members of the team are working with a number of chefs, artist-perfumers, and designers interested in multisensory experiences, allowing them to share their methods and reflexions. We are developing networks for education, collaboration, and consultation with many innovative chefs, restaurants, and wine and spirit producers and distributors. These contacts provide practical applications of the result of the project’s laboratory research. The RTS team will continue to provide industry, academics, and the public with unbiased discussion on ethical, economic, technological, and scientific aspects of the perception of food, drink, and other products.

Charles Michel – a French-Colombian chef interested in how brain science can inform creative processes and multisensory experience design in fields such as gastronomy and art. This approach could play a crucial role in designing future foods, creating better products and experiences for markets, and orienting people towards healthier and more sustainable choices.

4160Tuesdays – after writing a novel about a perfumer and problem solver who made scents to remind people of happy times, Sarah McCartney was unable to buy the scents she had imagined and so set up 4160Tuesdays (the number of Tuesdays in 80 years). Sarah now creates fragrances that evoke a time and place – real or imagined – for example, helping the Glasgow School of Art to smell like a tropical banana plantation. All scents are handmade and perfumery workshops are run in her West London studio. Sarah is working with us on the way in which stories and familiarity with fragrance influence people’s views.

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