The Arts

From Ghiberti’s development of perspective to Gombrich’s work on illusions of art, the science of perception and the arts have long been interconnected. Members of the RTS team are working with a number of artists, including the following:

Patrick Hughes – the inventor of ‘reverspective’ painting. We will collaborate with Hughes to research the integration of contradictory cues to the third dimension of space. This will be achieved using functional MRI and connectivity analysis to explore brain regions involved in integrating different cues to depth.

Sensory Sites – a London-based art collective that creates multi-sensory installations and researches perception and embodied experience. Artists within the collective are Bonnie Kemske, Rosalyn Driscoll, Kay Syrad, Anais Tondeur, and Tereza Stehlikova. Our collaboration investigates and enhances the sensory effects of exhibitions, while the exhibitions will provide sites for research and experiment.

Shelley James – Dr Shelley James’ practice combines the visual impact of print with the material and optical qualities of glass to explore the dialogue between sensory modalities. With an ongoing Residency at the Bristol Eye Hospital, her recent PhD at the Royal College of Art considered the potential layered interference patterns to generate dynamic illusions of space.

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